Caret provides a feature rich platform to manage your content; whilst also being as simple and dynamic as possible. Usecases and Ideas are endless with Caret as the most basic properties of content are custom created by your team according to your needs.

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Content Elements

A content element is the smallest block of content. Examples of content elements may be a 'Title', 'Image', 'Form', 'Link', 'Html Editor' etc. Elements are created according to a set of HTML Components that create the element, i.e. Each Element may have many properties such as a 'Form' that may consist of several types of input, or a 'Link' that may consist of a URL, Anchor Tag, Image etc. These are customised according to your application needs.

Content Schemas

A content schema is a collection of elements that can be grouped and orderd to create a flow of content. In Caret an example of a content schema would be a 'Page', 'Blog Post', 'Event', 'Service' or similar. Schemas enable you to make caret suitable for any type of content that needs to be created, stored and easily served into any of your channels.

Assign Tasks

Caret is built for teams; with tasks being easily set by your team members to assist in the production of content. As an example a content producer may assign a task to an Copywriter to create a section of content for a new page or blog post. Tasks are esaily seen and enhance the productivity and quality of your content creation process.


Workflows enable you to easily manage the publication of content within a team, with clear roles, responsibilities and steps easily set up to define the stages of a workflow. For example creating a new blog post that will have stages of Draft, Review and Published; would be a simple workflow to ensure a team member must review and accept the draft before being published.

Preview Content

As you create content in Caret, you may preview how the content will appear across all of your channels, including Mobile Apps and Websites. With CSS and JS Integration - preview templates are easily created to mirror the design of your channel and to dynamically insert the content for previewing. For websites a preview is available for all common screen and device sizes such as Mobile Landscape and Portrait Views, Tablet Views and Desktop Views.

Schedule Content

Content created can be individually scheduled to be published automatically across multiple channels. Simply set publish dates for each channel such as your Website, IOS App, Syndicated Feed etc. Each channel may have its own date for content to be published.

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