Caret is an Australian operated Headless Content Management System.
We enable companies to create and distribute content across all their platforms in realtime.

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The Platform

Caret came about out of a need for a locally provided CMS that embraced collaboration, was affordable at scale and maintained enterprise level security and infrastructure.

Australian Operated

We're developed and maintained in Sydney, Australia - providing a local offering for an enterprise CMS, that's headless, scalable and affordable.

Cloud Powered

Our solution encompases super-fast infrastructure, elastic-caches and global distribution networks to ensure your platforms are severd content in fractions of a second

Designed for Scale

Our solution is backed by Amazon Web Services as our infrastructure provider. Our CMS and Content APIs are highly redundant, secure and scalabale serving content for millions of requests every minute.

Content for all Channels

Caret CMS is designed to serve customised content to any number of your product channels. It's a single CMS that manages content across Websites, Mobile Apps, Smart Watches and any other internet connected smart device.


The platform is developed and managed by Performance Crew - a local tech development company based in Sydney, Australia.


Caret is a fully managed 100% cloud based SaaS solution for enterprises. There is no on-premise installations or requirements to utilise the full power of Caret.

Built for Speed

Content delivered through our APIs are available in real-time as direct data, cached versions via Elastic-Cache stores and is commonly served from an AWS Global Cloudfront edge location or our network of global API endpoints.

Enterprise Security

Our systems employ a high level of data security with encryption, anti-fraud, anti-spam and similar measures in place; and is housed and managed within Amazon Web Services.

Headless API

As a headless API you can connect up any number of devices to our platform and sync content to Websites, Mobile Apps or any application running on a smart Internet Connected Device.

Business Level Support

We provide a 24x7 client support ticking system and a Sydney Based number during business hours for critial support.

Our Partners & Providers

Our solution is developed with the latest technologies and utilises enterprise grade cloud infrastructure.